Welcome to Amazon Audio

We presented our first analog drive in 1986, causing great excitement because of its innovative damping mechanism. At the time the high end audio magazine “DAS OHR”, already decided to use our turntable in the reference system at their editorial office..

Since then, we have continued to develop and fine tune our drives. We now offer four turntables: AMAZON First Choice, AMAZON Referenz, AMAZON 1 and AMAZON 2.

Early on we realized, that a clean power supply is extremely important for a premium music reproduction. Therefore, we decided for the cleanest source of all, namely the rechargeable batteries. Accordingly, we use direct current motors for the drive. It’s in their nature to significantly better manage noise spectrum than the AC motors.

AMAZON turntables are neither hard coupled nor use metal springs, which would always force distortion signals onto the drive, because of its own resonance. To reach a maximum of distortion impassivity, we equip all AMAZON drives with LRP dampers combined with numerous well-thought out detail solutions to guarantee a perfect music reprodution.

You will find a lot of information on the following pages, which will give you an insight in the special technical solutions and a feeling for the unique design of our drives.

Have a lot of fun with music!

Sincerely yours Hartmut Janßen