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Design: We believe that our newly-developed AMAZON A.M.T. One constitutes in all material respects one of the most unusual and simultaneously exquisite 2-way loudspeakers currently available. Its no-frills, yet elegant design is based on the tried-and-tested design principle "form follows function". The speaker's open baffle design (it consists merely of an acoustic baffle holding the transducers and a stiff frame required for static reasons) utilizes no coupled enclosure whatsoever, thereby avoiding any undesirable sonic side effects usually associated therewith, which in turn lends an impressive livelihood and stunning dynamics to the sonic reproduction, completely devoid of any "boxiness". By experimenting with the speaker's positioning in the room, you can also influence the room's acoustic response in respect of critical modes, due to the speaker's dipole design.

Technology: The secret lies in combining a Wide Range Air Motion Transformer (A.M.T.) for the high end with an extremely fast, short-stroke 15" cone driver for the low end, resulting in a lively and seamless sonic reproduction down to the lowest octaves. The filter technology especially developed by AMAZON permits a low crossover frequency of only 700Hz for the A.M.T., while minimizing the number of components in the signal path, so that the entire system's efficiency amounts to more than 92dB.



A.M.T.: The A.M.T.'s functional principle differs completely from that of conventional spherical, ribbon or cone tweeters. The air oscillation is not generated by piston-like membrane movements along the reference axis, but instead by utilizing a lateral force acting across the reference axis, i.e., rotated by 90 degrees. The membrane, which is pleated like a bellows, accelerates the air equally to the front and the back when driven. Due to this principle and its inherent speed, the A.M.T. is the ideal tweeter for use in dipole speakers with an incredibly clean and accurately delineated sonic reproduction up to 24 kHz.
Woofer: Due to its lightweight, yet stiff membrane, the woofer's ultra-fast response constitutes a perfect match for the A.M.T, which is renowned for its extremely short rise time. Instead of long strokes, the woofer works with a high membrane surface and a powerful generator, which makes conventional long-stroke woofers sound and measure like "slow trains" by comparison. In order to absorb the resulting impulses, the woofer's die-cast basket is embedded into a solid baffle made from sandwiched materials and measuring 40mm in thickness.


Technical facts:  
Height: 1330 mm
Width: 440 mm
Depth (top): 90 mm
Required Space: 495 x 320 mm
Sensitivity (1W/1m): 92dB
Recommended power: 25-300 W
Impedance: 4 Ohm
Frequency response: 30 Hz - 24 kHz
Weight: 39 kg
Veneers: -Cherry
- Walnut
- Makassar Fineline

A.M.T One Front