AMAZON First Choice

- Resonance optimized quadruple Layer-Chassis with 24 damping-elements
- Motorunit - isolated from turntable
- Sandwich platter with inside damping (14kg)
- Inverted Ruby/Steel center bearing
- DC-motor with LSC-double-controller for absolutely accurate speed
  (the LSC-double-controller is a development by AMAZON and used exclusive in AMAZON turntables)
- Battery power supply controlled by microprocessors
- Two regulators separately for 33 rpm and 45 rpm (1:25)
- Two tonearm boards for tonearms until 12 inch

Technical facts:  
Dimensions: 620 x 450 x 220 mm
Weight: 45.0 kg
Platter weight: 14.0 kg
Platter diameter: 320.00 mm
Speed: 33 rpm and 45 rpm with fine adjust
Center bearing: Inverted Ruby/Steel center bearing
Chassis: Special casted low resonance material
Motor: DC-motor with AMAZON LSC-double-controller
Power supply: NiMH battery with microprocessor controller
Tonearms: Two tonearm boards for 9” - 12” tonearms


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