Dear friends, customers and business partners,

The 33rd anniversary of my developing and manufacturing of high-end audio components constitutes a
welcome occasion to rethink the future course of affairs.
I have decided to devote more time to the „other things“ in my life; more time for music, more time for my
olive trees in Greece...the list is long.

Of course I will continue to offer comprehensive servicing of my products, including repairs and stocking of
spare parts, as well as the manufacturing of bespoke tonearm bases. I am particularly fond of the tonearms
produced by my Danish friend Hans Henrik MORCH, whose products I have been distributing in Germany
for 23 years. It goes without saying that they will remain in our portfolio.

There is, however, a drop of bitterness mixed into this: as of the beginning of the current month, our turntables
and loudspeakers will no longer be manufactured. This includes upgrades, as well as chassis, cabinets
and platters. Since each of our turntables was manufactured to customer specifications, it was clear to me that
I had to personally perform all sensitive manufacturing steps. Such work was not only fascinating, but also
time-consuming — time that I would like to spend otherwise in future. Over the course of many years, I was
fortunate to produce many, many pieces of audio equipment representing the highest degree of enjoyment
of music, as well as retention of value, for music lovers all over the world for more than three decades.


Hartmut Janßen

March 2019

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